No Helium, No Problem

Can’t Find Helium? To Expensive? DuraBalloons Are The Answer

We know that there is a helium shortage and the price of the helium is through the roof.  Get rid of the tank and use DuraBalloons to promote your business or event.  DuraBalloons are no helium, reusable balloons that last a long time.  Businesses are changing to New DuraBalloons everyday and enjoying the benefits.  Their are many ways to display your DuraBalloons. So take a look at all of the styles and colors.

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Amazing DuraBalloons are the solution if you are tired of the expense and hassle of helium balloons. DuraBalloons are vinyl balloons filled with regular air that move gently in the wind. They last longer than regular latex balloons because the are made of a durable PVC vinyl. There is no need to blow up balloons and put them out daily. The balloons hold their air and are reusable. There are a variety of colors and mounting options. Stop wasting money on helium, and hurting your fingers tying balloons everyday. Start using DuraBalloons Bobbers to market your event, business or property.

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